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There is no greater feeling then experiencing a well planned, self-guided hunt that produces filled tags. 


We freely share thoughts and experiences that cover how too tactics and gear, from having spent many years seeing mother nature in all its raw natural beauty and punishing reality, discovering which products you can depend on when it really matters and which ones have failed, we thought we would save you the time and share what we found. Here you won’t see any paid ads or sponsored products, just the straight truth.
 It is our mission to help you put together all of the professionally tested gear you’ll need for a safe and successful hunting adventure. All of the hand-selected premium gear we recommend on our website is the same equipment that we personally count on in the field.  Whether you are a new hunter or an expert looking to outfit yourself with tried, and true gear for your first or repeated epic hunting adventure, you’ll find the gear or information right here at: 

www.Hunting Gear Outfitters.com

Here at Hunting Gear Outfitters, we believe that every hunt is as unique as the hunter. We have spent a lifetime self-guided hunting, on countless variations of solo hunts, multiple manned base camp hunts, hunting from horseback, pack-in, bush plane drop hunts, and remote river float hunts.  These adventure's have produced the best of times and unexpected hardships forging a hardened respect for nature and the wildlife that lives within.  There is not a day that passes that we're not planning and longing for the next adventure. 

Hunting Gear Outfitters and its affiliates are a culmination of a dream and desire to share the experience and knowledge with those who long to experience the wild adventures of hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors.  

About Us

Long before solo hunting was but a days excursion, it was a season long way of life.