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Game Bags Weight 19 oz

Caribou Game Bag Systm

This small convenient package includes 7 game bags with logoed camp meat bag, storage bag,
gloves, Big Game ID Tags and meat transfer form
1 - 12x21 Camp Meat Bag   1 - 21x24 Cape Bag   1 - 16x21 Meat Parts Bag
4 - 20x34 Quarter Bags   1 - 10x24 plastic bag   1 - Pair 5 mil Nitrile Gloves 6 - Big Game ID Tags & Ties     

1 - Vented Storage Bag with rubber coated mesh lower and labeled nylon upper Field Tips and Instructions


Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company 

Website: www.biggamebags.com

The game bag of many uses!
This small but handy bag is used to house select pieces of meat (tenderloin, backstrap) or other desired cuts for dinner back at camp.
This versatile small game bag can be used as a pack organizer camp pillow, laundry storage.
Package contains: 12x21 game bag, 1 - 2 mil  plastic bag and twist tie.  

All Quarter bag sizes come with 1 - Big Game ID Tag and Zip Lock
$16.99 - Small - 20 x 34 - Deer, Sheep, Bear, Antelope   
$14.99 - Medium - 28 x 48 - Elk, Caribou                          
$12.99 - Large - 28 x 60 - Moose Buffalo         

The convenient package includes 8 game bags with logoed camp meat bag, storage bag, gloves, Big Game ID Tags and meat transfer form 
1 - 12x21 Camp Meat Bag   1 - 28x48 Cape Bag   1 - 28x60 Rib Bag 
1 - 30x23 Meat Parts Bag    4 - 28x60 Quarter Bags   1 - 10x24 Plastic Bag
1 - Pair 5 mil Nitrile Glove   Field Tips and Instructions
1 - Vented Storage Bag with rubber coated mesh lower and labeled nylon upper.

The Complete Caribou Gear Line of Meat Care Products

Full Carcass Bags are great for field use, transporting, aging game in the Garage or at the

processors. Prevents meat contamination from flies, birds, dirt and debris.  



Alaskan Salt Bag

Single quarter game bag package includes one Big Game ID Tag and zip lock. 
This convenient package is for the hunter wanting to replace, add or assemble their own game bag system.  The game bags do not require pre-washing or conditioning and are conveniently packaged in a weather resistant locking plastic bag.

Game Bags Weight 16 oz

Magnum Pack Series                LARGE                              MEDIUM                         SMALL




The High Country Series is the same long life, patented, reusable Synthetic Caribou Gear game bags, a product designed and packaged for the remote High Country hunter carrying all his provisions on his or her back.  The Ultra Light package sets are used for the hunter that has the option to bring their harvest from the highest peak, meat on bone or meat only.  The Hunter will appreciate the High Country Series reduced meat on bone game bag sizes for its ultra light, compact package and that it comes in a species-specific size so the remote hunter is carrying the very basic in game bags while maintaining the very best in meat protection possible without additional weight and bulk.

The Complete Caribou Gear Line of Meat Care Products

The convenient package includes 7 game bags with logoed camp meat bag, storage bag, gloves, Big Game ID Tags and meat transfer form 
1 - 12x21 Camp Meat Bag   1 - 23x30 Cape Bag   1 - 23x30 Meat Parts Bag   4 - 28x48 Quarter Bags 1 - 10x24 Plastic Bag   1 - Pair 5 mil Nitrile Gloves   Field Tips and Instructions 1 - Vented Storage Bag with rubber coated mesh lower and labeled nylon upper.
Note: Roosevelt Elk hunters the Elk Pack (#6468) is your best choice for the larger elk species.    

The Wapiti Contains:  5 Game Bags, Storage Bag and convenient meat transfer form.       

1 - 17 x 30 Meat Parts Bag   4 - 23 x 40 Quarter Game Bags
1 - Vented Storage Bag with Rubber Coated Mesh Lower      and labeled nylon upper. 

The Muley

Contains:  5 Game Bags, Storage Bag and convenient meat transfer form.

4 - 18 x 34 Quarter Game Bags 1 - 16 x 21 Meat Parts Bag
1 - Vented Storage Bag with Rubber Coated Mesh Lower and labeled

     nylon upper 

The Carnivore III 

5 - 16 x 30 logoed Meat Only Game Bags 
5 - ID Tags, 5 zip locks, Field Tips and Instructions 
1 - 4’ x 4’ Ground Tarp
1 - Nylon Logoed/Labeled Storage Bag    
The Carnivore II game bag set is large enough to contain a mature bull elk 

The Wapiti 


The High Country Series is a species specific reduced sized meat on bone game bag system. Package contains game bags only!  

Caribou Gear 2017 Catalog -pdf

Big Game ID Tags

Designed for the Caribou Hunter in need of meat on bone, due to fish and game regulations This system comes with Quarter bags, meat parts bag and Rib bag.   

4 - 20 x 38 Quarter Game Bags
1 - 20 x 38 Rib Bag
1 - 16 x 21 Meat Parts Bag
1 - Vented Storage Bag with Rubber Coated Mesh Lower and labeled nylon upper.   

MAGNUM PACK - SMALL                     FOR



Keep the Bugs Off!


Prevent hair slippage and spoilage Protect your trophy cape or hide on extended hunts.
This durable bag will house and protect the required salt from rain, so it’s dry and ready when you are.  Salt is a time proven method of preserving that trophy cape and is an essential procedure assuring your trophy makes the journey home.

Bag storage will contain up to 30 pounds of salt.  
The 12 x 21 game bag and 2 mil plastic bag are designed for storing Salt. 


Game Bags Weight 18 oz

Make it clear and simple on guided & non-guided hunts.
This water and tear proof tag is packed with helpful information; unit number, outfitter contact species, bag content, Donation, hunter contact Information and much more.

Includes: 6 ID Tags and 6 Zip Locks 
Keeps you from digging through each bag at Fish and Game (DNR) Check Stations 

Available in the following sizes:
$31.99 - Small - 32 x 72 Whitetail Deer, Small Hog 
$37.99 - Medium - 40 x 86 Mule Deer, Large Hog
$47.99 - Large - 46 x 110 Elk, Buffalo 
           Each package contains 1 Full Carcass bag,
           1 - ID Tag, and 1 Lock


We introduce our website store with a short list of quality product items that we have selectively picked based on quality, durability, and innovation, in time will add unique, quality products to our store.  

Caribou Gear Game Bags - Are one of those products that have truly changed the way the industry looks at game bags.  For many years, the form fitting game bags have been a standard uncontested and by far underdeveloped. With the introduction of Caribou Gear Game bags, the industry has made changes in an effort to keep up.  Have you noticed ...we have!  Near all of the industries, game bag manufacturers have stepped back and rethought their product and have tried to make a similar version of the Caribou Gear fabric and packaging.  With Caribou Gears patented innovations with the synthetic fabric, light reflective attachments, lock loops, and packaging system that is custom designed for the species being hunted, of course...why carry more than you need!  Over the years, we have used or tried the likes of all the other game bags made but these are by far a different and unique take on meat care.  A system that is well worth your time and money, that is if you truly care what you offer at the dinner table.             




Camp Meat Bag

A must have for the long or warm weathered hunts and extended hunts.
The food grade formula is a proven method in keeping bugs off of game meat, killing bacteria and retard bacteria growth.  This lightweight product is easy to use, simply add formula to clean drinking water shake and apply.

Citric Acid Spray Meat Preserve 2 ounce formula 4 oz bottle 

Package contains:
2 oz of dry (powder) citric acid formula and 4 oz. applicator bottle.

All fish bags are made with the same signature material, features, look and feel.  The difference is the weep holes at the bottom of bags that allows water drainage. The fish bags are great for bowfishing, gigging, shore fishing, charter boat fishing, large and small multiple fish quotas or simply keeping your catch clean from dirt &
$10.99 - Small - 23 x 30 Trout or like size fish
$12.99 - Large - 26 x 36 Silvers, Sockeye 
$13.99 - Trophy - 20 x 40 Chinook “Kings”  

Game Bag Spray - Citric Acid  Formula 

Fish Bags


Caribou Gear Magnum Packs are designed for consecutive day guided and self-guided hunts in the most remote locations of the world.   This consecutive day hunt requires a game bag with plenty of breathing room. The Magnum pack game bags are larger then the high country system allowing plenty of room for best air circulation inside of the game bags and easier handling.  Magnum Packs varying sized game bags for varying sized game parts, includes gloves, camp meat bag, quarter bags, rib bags, meat parts, trophy cape bag, 2 mil plastic bag, waterproof tear proof big game ID Tags, meat transfer form and field tips.  Larger roomy game bags not only allow room to breath but allow dirt and debris to fall to the bottom of the bag unlike form fitting bags that embed the dirt and debris into the meat requiring excessive trimming and waste. You and the wildlife officer will like the included easy to use water/tear proof Big Game ID Tags (#6406) to easily identify game bag content, game species, part, hunter contact information, harvest date, unit number and check off box to identify bullet/arrow damaged part. 


Game Bag Weight (each) 2oz. x 5 = 10oz. Package Weight 14 oz