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Not being prepared with your basic gear needs, can mean life and death, are you will to take that chance?

You’ve spent a year planning for that once in a lifetime hunt and now your there. As you setup camp you realize you've forgotten a few key items such as fire starter, tent stakes or even the tent...now what!

Hunting unfamiliar terrain can be a challenge, at times limiting the distance your willing to venture in pursuit of your quarry. You see the buck of a lifetime and temptation overcomes you and you venture forth in a blind pursuit only to have the beast slip away, you attempt to backtrack and realize you've lost your way. What do you do now? Does anyone know where you are? What kind of supplies do you have with you?

SOLO HUNTERS - Always Let Someone Know Where Your Going

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Guided Hunt 

Drop Hunt

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Gear List

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Disclaimer- The information on this website as it pertains to gear lists is given as a suggestion based on years of experience hunting in the field. Items may be added or subtracted from these suggested gear lists to suit your personal needs and to remain safe in the wilderness. Hunting Gear Outfitters cannot be held liable for your safety.


- medication
- communication  (as required) 
- water and purification system
- food snacks
- First-Aid (basic)
- map 
- compass
- fire starter accelerant & fire starter 
- space blanket
- map of the area
- compass

- Weapon and Ammo 

Basic Kill Kit: Knife - knife sharpener - para cord 25' - game bags - trail marker - light saw - plastic trash bag 

Gear List's Coming Soon!


​​Food List

Food lists can be both fun and challenging to create and much depends on the length and location of your hunting adventure. We all have different food preferences regarding taste, texture and type but your ability to eat whatever you want, whenever you want becomes challenging when you consider backcountry weight limitations, food allergies, pallet fatigue, and convenience.

When it comes to packing food into the backcountry or remote bush of Alaska, it’s all about getting the biggest bang for your buck. You simply may not be able to carry as much food as you are accustomed to eating at home due to weight and space restrictions so considering foods that are lightweight, protein rich and calorie dense will maximize the value of the food that you pack in.

Food brought into the backcountry should not require refrigeration, be easy to cook, easy to eat, convenient and nutritious. Keep in mind that when you are hunting in a group, you may not be able to eat whenever you’d like so calorie dense snacks may come in handy during a long hunt.

Food For Thought  
On extended hunts such as the remote bush of Alaska, being denied your typical eating schedule, food types or the usual calorie intake you're a costumed to, can produce discomfort and mood swings.  You should beware of this as it can put undue pressure on you, your hunting partner or group.  Months before you leave home and your physically preparing for your hunt, you should also mentally prepare yourself for this temporary faze as you and your body adjusts to your new diet and calorie intake.  A person will likely experience this mental and physical change during the first few days of the hunt, after which you'll find yourself starting to adjust to your new diet. In fact you may find that your starting to skip meals, and in need of reminding yourself to eat.

Hunting Gear Outfitters Gear List  includes labeled itemized bags or boxes. If one bag or box is lost or stolen, you can review the itemized list, know exactly what food items were in that bag or box and determine what needs to be replaced before proceeding into the field.

​Hunting Gear Outfitters printable pdf Food List includes an item count as needed along with tips, instructions, ideas, and reminders.
No need guessing and struggling to think of what you might need. Download the list and have all of the information where it belongs, in your hand.

A gear list can and should be made for any length of time you plan on being out in the backcountry. It only takes a moment for an accident to happen or to become lost in the woods. Carrying the proper equipment in your pack may very well end up saving your life.
The following gear list is a breakdown of recommended products that are designed to help you hunt safely and efficiently. Each hunt will differ in season, weather, terrain and other environmental conditions that should be considered while packing the necessary gear in addition to any personal medical needs.

For assessment and review of the specific products we’ve tested and currently use in the field, see our ​GEAR ASSESSMENT PAGE  

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