What kind of hunter are you?


This page is for the love of hunting and the great outdoors a no limit insight, covering some touchy subject's on hunting etiquette, our image, and what we can do to help our rights and freedom.  At times a  non-politically correct opinion.  

We don't mean to judge but if you're reading this page buried in the depths of cyber-space, you already have a drive and force within, that gives you the foundation of success and possibly the next industry great or simply an everyday, average hunter like us, wanting to be a  successful hunter, always seeking a way of being better, no it doesn't have to be the biggest beast in the woods, just good eating.

Image is everything!  If you're the hunter that cares more about who brought the beer, and is it enough, not getting up early on opening day, then you're likely not going to be a successful hunter, that is to say, if you're a hunter at all.  If your the guy that straps your elk or deer over the hood of your car...your, not a hunter that cares much of what others think or for that matter cares much for how that meat is going to taste.

Ladies and gentlemen preception is everything!   Whether you are a archery or rifle hunter or whatever is of legal take, we as hunters walk a fine line of what is right and wrong.  Our rights are always being challenged by the non-hunters and believe it or not from with-in. Don't be fooled there  are those that are financially and politically driven, with a foundation and agenda solely for monetary gain, lining their pockets of those with-in.   A hidden force of suits taking advantage of a broken system, a system that was initially created to protect the species, its habitat and our earned right to hunt. 
Don't be the ass that simply doesn't care about what's right or what's wrong, be the person that cares about the perceived image and respect to the species we hunt and the land we hunt on. 
For the love of hunting do what's right! 

We want to hunt...it is the basic instinct that goes back to the beginning of man a natural right of survival.  Now it's a privilege, a privilege on a delicate foundation always being tested, think of the what's right and what is wrong seen and perceived from the non-hunters, miss informed and miss guided.  

Join the forces that protect our rights and preserve our natural resources given to us from the very beginning!  

We know of those bought and paid for and those that truly protect our way of life.
Do your own in-depth research before joining any organization, and if you can, at least do what you can to be ethically and politically correct.

What's your thought?
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