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Moose Calling

Doing anything for the first time can be a challenge simply because you've had never done it before!  If I have never seen a moose in the wild, how would or could I expect to go to Alaska and effectively and successfully hunt moose?  

Let's start with, you have all the groundwork, pre-scheduling and logistical formalities complete.

In some locations of Alaska, Fish and Game laws require you to view a video on the ability and knowledge of field judging or I should say sizing the moose without having to kill it to do so.
In Alaska hunting moose as a non-resident, you can only shoot a moose that has 50" wide rack or 4 brow tines. Their video will help you identify with a degree of accuracy how to judge the size of a live moose sitting, standing, lying down, and from all angles.  For more on field judging I recommend that you look at the attached link: Alaska Fish and Game Video
Calling moose is not really hard to do in fact it's probably easier than imitating a bugling bull elk or even a turkey call. 

To imitate the sound of a male (bull) moose -Take your hands and put them together in a prayer formation, then take your two (pointer) index  fingers and pinch your nose together cutting off air to you nostrils, yes you'll be okay, the sound that a moose makes has a nasally tone.  Then take your two thumbs and place them under your chin and at the same time open the other end in small megaphone formation.  Now expel air in deep guttural tone in a way that sounds like your saying whaaat (without the T) Whoaaa , Whoaaa in between each tone pause, give at least a two second separation before the next tone. Whoaaa --------Whoaa ------- Whoaa. Great!  
Know lets imitate a female (Cow) moose - With the same hand formation as the bull, and in the same guttural tone using your tongue, in stiff upward motion towards the roof of your mouth, expel air in a way that sounds more like a drawn out whining siren type sound. Woaaaaa now with your lower lip and with a continuous nonstop tone, make a tone that sounds like Water (without the ter) wowaa--wowaa, now combine the long drawn out Woaaaaa that would now sound like  Woaaawoaaawoaaawhoaaa just before you’re out of breath expel air in no particular tone, with all that now take your positioned hand and open and close it a couple of times while making the sound.   
Watch videos on moose calling sounds combined with the correct tones and the above method you soon find yourself with the ability to effectively call moose. It may sound wierd but what doesn't when you hear it for the first time.
Some say just make one call over the other, for me, I suggest making both calls with a slight separation imitating a rutting group or herd of moose. Imagine a bull with a few cows and another bull wanting some of the action or a way ward cow looking for some action.

With all this in mind, there is one more tactic I have used, combined with the calling procedure.
Take a branch just under as large as you can handle and swing, thrash, and rake at shrubs, trees, and brush. This thumping, thrashing commotion imitates a bull in rut raking at whatever it can.  Now, in between thrashing and raking make the rutting calls of both the male and female cow. Even out of curiosity this will make something happen if a moose is nearby. 
​Note: Inadvertently I have called in moose by trying to throw a piece of wood into a tree in attempt to hang my food bag. 

The Rut - Keep in mind that the first part of September to the 15th is pre- rut, from the 15th to the end of the month is the peak-rut season.  
During which time moose will be on the move and most likely be responsive to calling all hours of the day.  
In Early September there is going to be less noise and the moose are not as responsive if at all. But try anyhow, you may get a bull or cow to respond or at least move as you look over a grass park or meadow.  

Regardless of the time of the month you’re hunting, I would recommend calling during the entire month.

When to call - As soon as you arrive in your remote hunting area and with your rifle within easy reach...call!  Anytime you're in camp call, before lunch call, before you go to bed call, when you get up in the morning call!!!  When you're on foot or on the raft call!!!

Change it up a little, no need to make a cow call or rake when making a bull call, at times try just raking. 

I have called in bear while making moose calls I have even had a bear charge from the underbrush.  The point is always be ready and prepared when calling!

The above method does work I have a number of moose under my belt along with a couple of all-time records by using this method. In fact my very first time in Alaska on a self-guided rafting moose hunt, I shot an all-time Boone and Crockett record book moose.  
I don't mean to brag, but my point is before Alaska, I had never seen a wild moose.  So take it from me, with some studying and practice I pulled off the unlikely not once, not twice but countless times, I have had moose respond, not all were shooters for that matter not all where bulls.

I may have come home some may say empty handed, but I say I came home with many memories and lots of stories to share.

Send your success photos and comments

a vimeo video link 


This page has legal and professional information on Alaska Yukon moose hunting.

The pdf file and video link, has Official Moose Field Judging Information produced by Alaska Fish and Game. The video link is a must see and required for some hunting units of Alaska.



Field Judging

The valuable moose calling information

provided here is a proven method.